Meet The Founder

Edward Siegel has been an active sports card collector ever since he was a child. Before becoming a social media phenomenon and face of Investacard, he spent the last ten years helping small business owners grow their companies. As the CEO of a business funding company that he developed from the ground up, Edward Siegel is no stranger to hard work. Foreshadowing the sports card boom before it even happened, he sold his company to dedicate 100% of his time to an industry he’s always been passionate about with the possibility of building another multi-million dollar company.

“Being a huge sports fan and loving sports cards, to have the opportunity to do it every day as a living, and to employ people as passionate as myself is what drove me to where I am now. I believe that the growth of sports card collecting and investing is just getting started. It seems like every day we’re seeing record-breaking sale prices, whether it’s vintage or modern cards. It’s becoming super trendy to be investing in sports cards; celebrities all over social media are showing off their high-end purchases. People are moving money from traditional investments into the sports card market because buying a sports card is like buying a share of stock in the player.

-Edward Seigel


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