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Tapping into the nostalgia of breaking open a new set of Panini rookie cards or Topps collectible packs, it’s evident that the resurgence in the sport of buying and selling trading cards is here to stay. There have been several trends that have shaped card collecting over the last decade and with further advancements in technology, such as Investacard’s state-of-the-art program, there will be further trends carrying the industry well into the future. Once labeled just a hobby, the sport of buying and selling trading cards has never been hotter.

Market Overview/Industry Trends

The trading card industry has seen unprecedented Activity & Growth over the last few years

Record sales, soaring values, and major national media attention. Recently, eBay reported a jump in card sales of nearly two and a half times for 2020 compared to the previous year. Industry trends show that this rise can be tied to several factors. Here are a few that seem to be most prominent.

image of 1948 leaf babe ruth trading card

Mid-Grade Vintage Cards

Even if you don’t have a perfect grade, vintage cards have never been more popular. This means that box of cards in your garage still holds a ton of value.

image of michael jordan 1987 Fleer Rookie Card

Local Card Shows

Although most cards are bought and sold online these days, live local card shows still gather the most attention. Local card shows allow fans the opportunity to marvel at classic cards in person, find great deals, and network with other members of the trading card community.

image of autographed topps derek jeter card

Autographs of Former Legends

As the decades’ pass, so too does the value of former legends that have since passed away. Fans will seek out collectibles of their sporting heroes as a way to honor their memories on and off the playing field. Think of it as owning a piece of artwork from a famous artist. The value will only continue to grow as time passes.

Best Selling Brands

The trading card industry has welcomed a ton of New Players throughout the years

image of topps trading card

When first getting started, it can be daunting to try and figure out which brands are best. The three most prominent trading card brands are Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck. Each brand has an exclusive deal with one of the major sports leagues, making it the official trading card for that sport. Panini has recently become one of the most recognizable trading card brands in the world, having signed exclusive deals with the NBA and NFL. Topps continues to be the home for officially licensed MLB cards, while Upper Deck rounds out the trio as the NHL’s official trading card partner.

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